Highline Crossing News

Join us for the National Cohousing Open House on April 30!

Highline Crossing is pleased to be participating in Coho/US's nationwide Cohousing Open House on Saturday, April 30 from 10 am to Noon. We'll have tours of some of our homes so visitors can see a variety of floor plans and we'll have folks on hand to answer any questions you have about cohousing in general or Highline Crossing in particular. (In fact, we scheduled our spring cleanup work weekend for that weekend so visitors can meet the neighbors and get a glimpse of cohousing in action!)

We don't have any homes available at this time, but we do keep a list of people interested in the community. Email us if you'd like to be added to this list.

 (Posted 4/17/2016)


Winter or Spring?

We've had a fair amount of snow this winter - in fact, until recently our back yards and the garden were still covered with several inches of snow! But thanks to 50-60+ degree temperatures the past week the snow is nearly gone. On days like these, it's difficult to remember that we are still in the throes of winter. Still, we're keeping our snow shovels handy. 

Speaking of spring:  Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 30 (10 am to Noon). Highline Crossing will be participating in Coho/US's nationwide Cohousing Open House. Watch for more details on our website andFacebook page as the date gets closer.  (Posted 2/14/2016)


Fall Cleanup!

We've been raking leaves for weeks now, and there has been no shortage. Just when we thought we were making some progress, almost overnight the catalpa trees dropped a mountain of leaves. It was a marvel, actually - a perfect yellow ring around the base of the trees. 

Next weekend is our fall cleanup weekend. We will be raking yet more leaves, putting the gardens to bed, and all the other little details of preparing the community for winter. The cleanups always start with a hearty breakfast with great food and smiles and laughs around the dining room tables at the Common House. It's a perfect way to start the work day and sets the stage for a productive cleanup weekend. (Posted 11/8/2015)


It's Fall Already...

This is one of the loveliest falls we've seen in Colorado. Warm days, cool nights, the community vegetable garden is slowing down but the flowers are still blooming. The cottonwoods along the canal are starting to turn yellow and the Canada geese are beginning to return to the nearby reservoir. We know winter will be here at some point, but we are in no hurry at all while we soak up the colors and smells and overall glow of fall. 

Coming up next weekend is our annual Highline Crossing Octoberfeast, featuring tofu "reubens" invented years ago by one of our community cooks. They are one of our favorite traditions (even for the omnivores among us)! And our annual fall cleanup won't be far behind. Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. (Posted 10/1/2015)


Busy Summer

Wow, it's been a busy summer at Highline Crossing! Our annual Labor Day picnic is right around the corner, which usually means that fall isn't too far behind. The summer was filled with events and activities - like our big Block Party in July, summer cleanup, a travel slideshow (from a resident's trek to Nepal!), and National Night Out in August. Plus countless happy hours and dinners (oh, and meetings!) in between. (Posted 9/3/2015)


20th Anniversary Party set for May 17

Highline Crossing will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a party on Sunday, May 17, 2015 from 1 to 4 pm in the Common House. We will mark this milestone with a poem written especially for the occasion and the dedication of our community-wide peace crane art project. Plus we'll have lots of visiting, refreshments, and fun!(Posted 5/6/2015)


20th Anniversary Art Project

We kicked off our 20th anniversary art project on Sunday, March 22, with brunch and the beginnings of an art project to mark the occasion. We are asking each community member to fold origami cranes, which we will display in the Common House. We are writing our intentions and hopes for the community on the origami paper before folding. Cranes are a symbol of hope and happiness, so we thought it a perfect channel for our 20th anniversary art project. After 20 years, we are still full of hope and happiness!

For our 10th anniversary, community members worked together on a large mandala, which hangs in the Common House dining room. 

Stay tuned for updates on our 20th Anniversary. (Posted 3/24/2015)


2015 marks 20 years at Highline Crossing!

Highline Crossing will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2015. Our very first resident moved into her completed home in late February 1995, and the rest of the phase 1 residents moved in over the next several months.

We are planning a celebration event sometime in May - stay tuned for details! (Posted 1/25/2015)